Beyond Wood, Water & Barley…Your Whisky

Balancing between distillery versus the cask influence, we eventually decided our whisky to

be your character. Besides the rare skills, specialist knowledge of our master craftsmen, we

poured our passion commitment into every cask. Every bottle would tell you a story; every

dram and would sing you a song.

Afterall, it is your whisky. Happy homecoming, Leòmhann.

THE LEÒMHANN 27 Years Old Single Malt Scotch
ABV 46%; 70cl Inaugural Incorporation Vintage Edition.
First Cask. Rare 288 Bottles.
ÒIR LEÒMHANN 14 Years Old Blended Scotch
ABV 40%; 70cl Inaugural Incorporation Limited Edition.
Rare 500 Bottles.